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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I did it! I APPLIQUED!

The world is now my oyster.

I did some billing this morning and then packed some quilting books. I felt like I needed to do something worthwhile before indulging myself in the great applique experiment.

But eventually, I had a few guiltfree minutes. I immediately put the borders on the wall hanging and stepped back to look at it.

Pretty humdrum even though I just love the peppermint fabric.

I know that quilting it will make it look a lot more dramatic. I like a white background because it makes fabric pop. But applique on a wallhanging like this would be cute.

Here is my general notion of what I want to do.

I decided to pin down the first stocking and use the silk YLI that I spent a fortune on to stitch it down.

They were right about the YLI thread. OMG. It is like, well, silk. It just disappeared into the fabric.

I wish I could see better, though.

It didn't take long and I only stuck myself once. I am THRILLED with how it turned out.

Here I am pulling back the applique as hard as I can to show how the stitches pretty much disappeared.

Here is the back. Neater than I expected.

And here are a few pictures of it on the wallhanging.

I think the stitches are well hidden.

I will do this, again! I've got an idea for an Easter table topper with bright Easter eggs. Those ought to be fairly easy to do although perhaps not as easy as the stockings since they lack straight lines.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you - it looks great!


JessicaSews said...

Yay!! !!!

You'll soon find
yourself "hooked" on applique!

Shogun said...

You did such a great job - isn't it fun?? I have a piece of that exact same fabric (the red and white candy).

Penny said...

It is a ton of fun. I can't beliee I waited this long to dive in.

Miriam said...

Congratulations on overcoming your fear of applique. Your hand sewing is perfect! There will be no stopping you now.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!!
Love your fabrics!!

e4e823l said...

Congratulations on accomplishing something so new to you with such great results. Learning lasts a lifetime, I always tell me-self. I am learning, embroidery with beading,Brazilian embroidery, and ribbon embr. at the present time, and I am over 70.

Infinity Quilter said...

You did a great job! So what will be your next applique project?!?!?