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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2008 Surf and Sand Quilt Done

I FINALLY finished putting the binding on my blue surf and sand quilt (note of explanation, that link takes you to ALL the posts I wrote about this quilt, last year. There are lots of pictures of Jezebel during her radiation treatment - you can skip over all that if you don't want to spend a lot of time looking through weeks of postings!).

Back to the present - this is the quilt where I had the bright idea to glue down the binding (not glue stick - glue straight out of the Elmer's glue bottle) instead of pins. Then I pressed it down and made a nice, cement to shove the needle through. I don't like doing binding on a good day. I needed a jackhammer to get through this. Which is why it has sat for months in my den. Mocking me.

Can't say as I am particularly thrilled with how it turned out. I quilted it, too much, and it is stiff.

Plus, my experiment with modified trapunto was less than impressive. Well, it is impressive but not in a good way.

I DO love the colors/fabric and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. So that counts for a lot. Here are a few of the individual blocks:

They are all Carol Doak patterns.

I kind of wish this were smaller because it would do better as a wall hanging than a snuggly quilt. But it is still drying and I might like it better once it does.

I found a place where the fabric came loose but fortunately, it is in a spot that is easy to fix.

I have court in two jurisdictions, today. Looking at my calendar, that is the last time I am scheduled to rush from one courthouse in County A to a second courthouse in County B. Won't miss that!


Shogun said...

It's beautiful - I really like the colors and fabrics in this quilt!

Elaine said...

Penny, you do beautiful quilting. Looks great.

Terri said...

I found your blog about the time you started posting about this and immediately feel in love with it! I love the colors and fabric. And I'm quickly falling in love with Carol Doak patterns. hmmmm could I have said "love" a few more times??? LOL

Miriam said...

I love the quilt, especially the soft colours. Oarts of your quilting remind me of ripples in water; perfect for the name you have given the quilt.

Stephanie D. said...

I have always loved this quilt.