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Friday, July 17, 2009

Pearl is Back from the Vet

By the time I got Pearl to the vet, she had thin blood all over the place. Her sutured area didn't look swollen but as you might imagine, I wasn't feeling any too keen about the blood. I'd post a picture but my Squeamish Daughter would never come back to my blog if I did.

The vet is pretty sure she has a seroma, which is an area where the fluid collects between the top sutures and inner sutures. It is common following surgery. The fluid part of the blood oozes out and the rest of the blood remains in the cavity and constricts, which is frequently painful. He said that aspirin is in the same family as the deramax (her pain medication) so to not give her any.

He didn't see signs of infection and it felt like all the internal stitches were holding everything in place as they should. The outer stitches were just right.

I looked up seroma on the internet and not only does it sound common, most of those cases sounded positively awful compared to what Pearl has. Squeamish Daughter should just skip that particular internet search. And to think, up until she went to first grade, I honestly had hopes that she would someday be a doctor. She was the only one of the three who showed an aptitude for science.


The vet didn't want to give me any more pain meds but suggested a warm compress several times a day. To be on the safe side he gave her some antibiotics but he didn't think he was seeing any infection. Not sure how I feel about that but by golly, I'm giving them to her.

She is resting quietly in her crate and doesn't seem to hurt unless she is moving around. She was licking at the blood, the little vampire, but really is not interested in the sutures, themselves.

I'm not getting ANY work done so I better get on it.

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Anonymous said...

You had me scared for a moment - thankfully you were home watching Pearl.

God speed on getting home soon.