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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lucky Horse Shoes

Pearl took a little nap this afternoon so I had to pester her for pictures.

This is her favorite spot on the couch.

It is where her dad sits. So of course, she wants it for herself. She has "Big Dog" aspirations.

Tell me that face isn't priceless.

Have I mentioned that she has a magnificent tail?

See the horse shoes on the mantel with open sides up to catch good luck? We have some at the Oklahoma City house, too. Whenever I see people displaying horseshoes the wrong way, I get antsy. You don't want to be around those things when they aren't in the proper configuration. If you are going to be superstitious, for heaven's sake, get the rules right! :)

Pearl is feeling great. I'm thinking of leaving her crate out, downstairs, as a time out. I don't want to change it to a place of punishment but it sure has been handy to send her to her crate when she gets too rowdy. She has to stay (usually less than a minute) with the door open. Just saying, "Pearl, do you need to go to your crate?" has had the desired effect of helping her to get her bad puppy self under control.

I think telling her to stay in her crate and having her do that even with the door open is not a bad training exercise. We generally have to escort her to the crate when she is het up but she doesn't get yelled at or manhandled. She seemed to get it. Interrupting her play is punishment enough, apparently. She is a VERY bright puppy and wants to please.

No quilting or packing this weekend, so far. I have a motion to draft, tomorrow. I don't like working on the weekend anymore than anyone else does but an emergency has come up that I need to address.

I made the mistake of stopping by the next door neighbor's house, yesterday afternoon, for "a" glass of wine. I had about three glasses on an empty stomach and that was WAAAAYYYYYY too much for me. For some reason, I called Husband to fetch me (we are about 15 steps away) and I was thrilled to death to open their door and see him standing on the porch to walk me home.

Happily, I didn't throw up on him. What a mood killer that would have been. Regardless, I noticed that he'd put a bucket by my side of the bed, just in case. That says love, doesn't it? Fortunately, things weren't that dire and I just went to sleep.

I am moving slowly, today. I am such a wimp. No tolerance for alcohol, at all. We made a run to the local brewery so Mr. Wonderful could have some kegs filled (he brews beer and wanted to check out a new refrigerator to see how it was working). I stayed in the car with the girls and tried not to smell alcohol.

I feel extremely fortunate that Pearl decided to nap much of the day instead of racing around screaming like a banshee while my head felt like it wanted to explode. I guess those lucky horse shoes did their job.


Anonymous said...

Precious Pearl is wondering if you've ever heard of the old saying, 'let sleeping dogs lie'?


Matthew Kilburn said...

Hello - we had a Samoyed in my teens and read your blog mainly for Samoyed activities. Good to see Pearl enjoying the sofa - I'm sure she thinks that where her dad sits will be the most secure place, too. Our dog used to go to my parents' bed when he was left alone in the house, which I think he thought was a defensible spot. Not of course that Pearl is alone here!

Paula in Southern California said...

How can such a Sleeping Beauty puppy get into any mischief? Pearl looks so innocent as she's napping. And I'm glad to hear that she's feeling better - which means you are, too, Penny!