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Friday, July 31, 2009

Flat Oatmeal Cookies

I had a somewhat emotionally grueling case, this morning before one of my favorite judges. It turned out to not be all that difficult since one of the parents didn't show up. He was in the courthouse on another floor related to an eviction action and then slipped out of the courthouse without stopping by.

I don't blame him for not showing up since he'd told the court last week, under oath, that he wasn't being evicted. Sometimes timing is everything and it was probably not in his best interest to show his face, today. This was a hearing that didn't demand his presence so he won't be in trouble for missing it. But it won't help him the next time he appears before the court because the Judge will want an explanation.

So anyway, I was home by noon and managed to do a little housekeeping after returning a few phone calls. Now that my practice is well on the road to closing down, I don't have so many cases to prepare for in the next few weeks and it is odd to not rush from one job to another in a frantic attempt to try to keep up.

About a week after I made the final decision to close down the practice and notified the court, a lady lawyer in the area decided she wanted to become certified as a guardian ad litem. A mutual friend introduced us and my new friend asked if I would allow her to shadow me. Lady Lawyer has since been certified as a guardian ad litem and the timing has been perfect as she is taking over much of my practice. She was a real help on covering cases while we were in Oklahoma and when I stayed home with Pearl after she was spayed. And she is a blast to just hang out with.

I'd bought Husband some oatmeal cookies from the store earlier this week and while he thanked me for them, he said they really lacked any flavor. While I had the time, I whipped up some from scratch but they didn't rise the way they should have. I suspect the baking powder needs to be replaced. I stood there thinking that I needed to put that on the grocery list. Then I decided since I don't bake all that much, I'd just wait until we move back to Oklahoma.

It dawned on me how ridiculous that is. I can't stop buying FOOD to avoid having to toss it when we move.

Pearl's belly looks great. Check out the thin white scar:

She is full of vim vigor and vitality. Today, I was sitting in my chair typing away and she came racing into the den and leaped over the arm of my chair into my lap. She has been crawling up into my lap on a regular basis, recently. She is a little big for that but I think it is so darn cute that I have been eating it up.

While I was trying to leave the house to go to work, this morning, Evelyn decided she didn't want me to go. She was laying on our bed and refused to get off. She pressed her head down on the quilt and wouldn't budge. Well, her mutiny only lasted a half a minute or so but it was still kind of funny. Then, instead of leaving the bedroom after she grudgingly got off the bed, she tried to head off into the sitting room. After I herded her out of the sitting room, she sat at the head of the stairs and wouldn't come down. I finally just rolled my eyes at her and took Pearl outside. As soon as the backdoor opened, Evelyn came racing downstairs. Works as good as a can opener.

But it was nice to be home with the girls, this afternoon. Pearl made the most of it.

Our neighbors erected a nice tent on their deck for a family event on Memorial Day. They never did take it down and over the past week, it has been sagging. I think today was its swan song.

Here is a picture from a couple of days ago. It is not that good a photo but the models are darling.

I didn't do any quilting, today. Maybe tomorrow.


Patsy said...

I seem to have missed your blog the day you announced your return to OK earlier. The piece about food purchases made me realize that you must really be moving soon! I know that you all must be excited to be back in the southwest. Altho I live in TX, not OK, I was born in OKC and have family living there so I can relate to your excitement.

Anonymous said...

I don't cook much, but I have an oatmeal cookie tip to share with you - soak the raisins in apple juice before you add them to the dough.


Shogun said...

I remember once, a long long time ago, I made oatmeal cookies that turned out flat....apparently I had forgotten to add the actual oatmeal! Love your doggie photos.