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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adding to My Stash

Pearl is feeling so much better. We are letting her go up and down the stairs and this is the first day we've let her outside off leash. It didn't last long. She wanted to dig and chase a squirrel and it is too soon for that. She ended up in her crate until she calmed down. We've been letting her have the run of the house so long as we are here for the past couple of days. She goes in the crate if she gets too rambunctious. I take her in on Monday to have the stitches removed but she seems pretty back to normal.

I ordered some fabric from Hancocks of Paducah, last week. It arrived, today.

Here is the fabric. It was all on sale:

I particularly liked this floral and the polka dots next to it.

I don't have a project in mind for the new fabric and I am sort of unhappy with myself for buying it. Any fabric I have on hand will have to be paid to be moved and it is just ridiculous to be stocking up, right now.

But it was on sale! I figure I saved more by buying in on sale than it would cost to move it. That sounds right, yes?

As I posted, yesterday, I signed up for a "Dare to be Ugly" Challenge on the HGTV message board. The ugly fabric arrived yesterday. I lay in bed early this morning having lustful quilting design thoughts and came up with what I want to do with it. I spent a good part of the afternoon working on blocks that I can't tell you about. It is coming together super fast.

Slow work day but I got a lot of quilting done. That seems about right.

My brother-in-law from Oklahoma sent me an advertisement for a state attorney job doing capital murder cases. My blood ran cold at the thought. I could no more handle the stress and pressure of that sort of job than I could sprout wings and fly to Antarctica. Honestly, I can't even defend people on DUI's or misdemeanor assault and battery without feeling sick because I don't want them to spent a night in jail. If I had a client facing the death penalty - even if he deserved it - I would have a nervous breakdown.

When we get back, I need to go see if the local feed store needs a clerk. Hauling feed sacks would be good for me.


elsie123 said...
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elsie123 said...

Great fabric...you'll have fun with it!

Stephanie D. said...

You know, you can pack your glassware and other breakables in your fabric. Doesn't take up any more room and if you need justification for fabric--there it is! lol

Linda said...

Mmmmmmm, I'm so jello! I love that red! I agree with Stephanie, pack your breakables in it! I always figure that any fabric I get now is for my retirement when I don`t have as much in ready cash!!! Enjoy. Pearl is looking loverly.
Lurking Linda