"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
Fly Over States

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have been having such a rejuvenating experience in Oklahoma that getting online has been low on my list of priorities. I’ve seen family; friends who are like family; taken a trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge; got a pedicure; done tons of yard work; shopped with a buddy; visited multiple quilt shops; celebrated Father’s Day and other family events; attended the local quilt show (such talent!); and bought dorky his and her coffee cups for the house (Buckaroo and Country Girl - husband picked the out).

Evelyn has found her inner Alpha, ending the debate husband and I have had on the subject. I’ve insisted that she is not cut out for Alpha – she doesn’t want the responsibility and is just waiting for Pearl to grow up. He has insisted that sweet, gentle Evelyn will step up to the plate.

He, as usual, was right. Evelyn is glorying in being in charge. She is a different Alpha that Jezebel (more no nonsense and protective but far more gentle if that makes any sense) and far kinder that Sapphire. I simply can't see Jezebel being aggressive even if the situation called for it. However, I can see Evelyn tearing someone up if she felt like it was necessary. Pearl troops along after her like the good puppy she is. Oh sure, she challenges her, but it is just puppy play.

For months, Evelyn has seemed to be bonding more strongly to me and now that we are here, she doesn’t want me far from her. She follows me from room to room, whimpers if I wander out in the pasture and leave her in the yard, and nearly broke husband’s leg while hiking in the Wichita Mountains because she wanted to catch up with me. She can leave me to go exploring and chasing butterflies but she wants to know exactly where I am while she is doing it. She jumps up and leaves the ground completely when I come to see her over the fence.

I think about a year ago when we were here and I was heartbroken about the likelihood of losing Jezebel. At that time, Evelyn barely gave me the time of day. I never dreamed that a year later I would still have a dog who adored me and who had wormed her way into my heart so completely – and that the dog would be Evelyn.

Pearl turns out to be quite the pansy about the heat. She darts from shade to shade once the heat of the day is on us. Seeing her find a place to "go" in the middle of the day is a trip. We have been under a delicious heat dome that kills clouds and bakes the grass hard and brown (I will never seriously complain about Oklahoma summers again – feels like home). Both girls have learned about dancing on hot pavement. You can just see their faces - WHAT IS GOING ON!!?? Evelyn will join us in the yard in the heat of the day - Pearl stays in the shade on the patio and thinks we are nuts. I always said that was the smartest puppy we've had.

Pearl is filling out and beginning to get an elegant look about her. She is SUCH a good puppy. We’ve had comment after comment about how well behaved both girls have been.

The girls have found turtles and toads and bugs and absolutely love the place –Evelyn has smiled nonstop. She loves the ceiling fans and flops down on her back to let them cool her belly. We bought a baby pool for Pearl but although she has been in it a little, she isn’t as crazy about it as we expected. She prefers the air-conditioning.

I brought in her crate over husband’s mild objections but that turned out to be a good decision. She sleeps in there and it has given her a place that feels normal to her. She puts herself to bed and has figured things out. She ate a sofa but other than that, has been pretty close to perfect.

We DON’T want to go back. We want to stay here, so bad. Last year, I was able to keep firmly in mind that it would be years before we returned. This time, I haven’t been able to do that.


Anonymous said...

Yoo Hoo! So happy to see your post. Glad you're all having such a great time.

Miss those girls ~ they look like they're having a ball!


Holee said...

So Glad you posted. I was worried when I saw the accident on the turnpike..I thought it was about time for you to head home.

Pearl looks so much bigger to me! I always knew Evelyn would take over. She knew her place before but I just knew she would cling to you in time. After all, look who she learned from :)

e4e823l said...

Sorry you couldn't stay longer in OK, like permanently. See you went up Mt. Scott. Isn't the view something? Sorry it has been so hot in OK. 105 on my front porch now. Sarahe4e

Phyllis said...

It sounds like you and yours are having a great time out there. How long do you have to wait to move back?

Both dogs are beautiful but that Pearl is gorgeous. And it sounds like Evelyn has "found" her place with you.

Happy trails...

JessicaSews said...

Love the pictures!
What a happy trip for
you, hubby and girls!

Evelyn's a charm!
Pearl is a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again!! I've missed you!...as silly as that sounds!

jacquie said...

So great to read this, Penny. I can't believe how much Pearl has changed since I last visited. She's growing up for sure. I loved reading about you and Evelyn. Such a great relationship you have with her. Hope all is well.