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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Throwing Mud

Seven straight days of rain and it is supposed to continue to rain through the rest of the week. The girls were mudballs when I got home, last night. Here are some pictures:

Even Elegant Evelyn looked like a dirty mop.

But they were having a lot of fun.

OMG - just look at that precious face!

I bathed them but they were right back to muddy when I got home, today. I didn't give them another bath. I just toweled them off as best I could and will hold off, if I can, until it dries up.

Pearl tried to bust into the house.

We lost electricity, this morning. That threw me off on getting things ready for work but the worst part is that the cable is now screwed up and husband is out of town for a few days. I can't get the cable box to turn back on so I guess I will be on the computer or reading, instead. It won't hurt me.

Alienation. The meanest custody/visitation cases you can get have elements of parental alienation. I'm sure I've touched on this, before, but if I were running the spiritual universe, it would be considered a mortal sin. To murder a child's relationship with his or her parent is not criminal but sometimes I wish it was. The utter selfishness of a parent willing to rob his/her child of a relationship with their mother/father is nothing less than abusive. There is a special place in hell for these vampires whose own emotional agenda runs roughshod over the right of a child to have a relationship with both parents. And a galling part of it all is that these narcissists frequently pat themselves on the back as good parents. They aren't.

It is one thing to have to protect your child from an abusive parent. We all get that. It is an entirely different thing to destroy the love and respect a child has for his or her parent on the basis of perceived incompetence, laziness, faithlessness, etc. That "defective" parent may not be the best mom or dad around, but it doesn't matter. He or she is that child's parent and to destroy that relationship because "they know best" is cruel.

And that is how I really feel about it!


Holee said...

I don't know how you do it! Eskie's hate to get wet so mine would find the dry spot and stay put. I'd have a hard time giving them a bath every night.

They do look like they had a ball in all that mud! Pearl is getting so long. Being wet shows off just how fast she is growing.

Stephanie D. said...

They DO look like they've been having fun! Tandi hates to get her feet wet, so no muddiness from her!

I agree with what you said about the child's relationship with both parents. My mother and I are estranged, but I always made sure she and my daughter had full access to each other, and would not say bad things about my mother to my daughter.

When DD was 16, she flew to AL to spend a month with my mother before spending a month as a congressional page. After about a week, my daughter saw my mother for who she really was, packed up and spent the rest of her vacation with her aunts and cousins instead. It was always her decision, and she doesn't choose to communicate with her grandmother to this day.