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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon and No Quilting

You just have to take my word for it that Pearl is the best puppy God ever put on this planet.

You know from reading my posts that I adore Evelyn, Jezebel and Sapphire. I won't say Sapphire was a good puppy even though I wasn't there to see it (I understand she was a hellion). Even as an old dog she would take the toilet brush out through the dog door into the yard when she was mad about something. Jezebel was adorable, except for the time she destroyed the couch and all the Christmas presents. Evelyn was an angel - easily housetrained and never did really destroy anything. Even when she got something she wasn't supposed to, rather than destroy it, she would walk back and forth in front of us with it in her mouth to tell on herself. She was a saint from way back. And smart? Evelyn is VERY bright - certainly compared to sweet Jezebel. Jezebel once got trapped in the bathtub because she forgot how to get out. And she was six years old at the time.

But Pearl? If she had opposible thumbs, she could be a concert pianist. I suspect she is a math wiz and if she could talk, she could tell you all the capitals of Eastern European nations. That dog is brilliant.

It is way too early to tell but I don't know if she will have Evelyn's looks. That would be hard for any dog, if you ask me. She does have an extremely cute face and I think she sort of looks like Evelyn. I do think Pearl has better legs and shoulders. And whatever she ends up looking like, she is a little charmer.

And smart? OMG - she is smart. Did I mention that?

Today, she came to get Husband and me in the front of the house to let us know she needed to go out. She is a prodigy.

Pearl is amazingly well behaved, too. Yes, she pesters sister but she is pretty good on a leash, comes when she is called and seems to already want to do the right thing if she knows what the right thing is.

Pearl's feet are mighty big. And her ears appear to be fully grown. Let us hope.

Evelyn will spontaniously break into arooos but Pearl has been a bit confused by that. Today, however, she threw up her little nose and seemed to be trying to do it. Time will tell if we have another singer. She doesn't have Evelyn's lovely voice. In fact, she is a bit shrill. It is hard to know since she is a puppy but I don't think she will have Jezebel's ear piercing squawk. But if she does, we don't care. The neighbors might, but we don't.

Getting tired of puppy pictures, yet?

Pearl's belly is spotted just like Husband's hands. And they both have thick, light eyelashes.

Maybe I should have held some back for later in the week when I got too busy to post.

Off to sit on the deck with Husband, the girls and a Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade. And the tax documents...


Paula said...

Tired of puppy pics??? NEVER!! The LQS owner just got a new computer and had me type in your blog address so she could check in and see pics of the girls. She's too busy to post, but said to tell you she's living vicariously through you since she can't have any pets. And of course, she agrees with us all that they are beautiful.


everythingquilts said...

I love the pics, and no I don't get tired of them. I look at every one, watch every video and read about your love for them. I might not always comment, I guess I should to let you know that I've stopped by. I enjoy reading your blog. I'm just not the writer.

Anonymous said...

This is my second time today slowly going over your pictures. Relish each and every one!

Never get tired of them.

Question: Are you constantly sweeping the floors? Never see any of the girls loose hair on them. Do they not shed much?


Penny said...

MAR, they DO shed. It is pretty much everywhere and when they "blow" their coat, it is unreal. During the blow, I can brush about half of one side and get a compressed basketball sized lump of hair. Per dog. It goes on for weeks. They have a double coat and the under layer (the woolie part) sheds. It can mat in some dogs but, knock on wood, we've not had that trouble except behind their ears or armpits - both easy to get to. Our old girl, Sapphire, (RIP 12/2007) was old and she was a read shedder. Jezebel, not so much and Evelyn is not doing as much, either. Too early to tell with Pearl. The shedding is why more people don't have them, I think. You simply can't beat their temperament.

Stephanie D. said...

She's adorable! Can't believe she's already coming to get you to take her outside. What a quick study! Sounds like a dream dog.

ranette said...

I could never get tired of the puppy pictures. You know you could spin that hair when they molt. I've heard of people doing that, don't know that I want to try it though.

I think one of my doggies has a human brain...no really...he's that smart. I've known people that aren't even half as smart as he is.