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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pearl Didn't Forget Me!

Got back from the Wild Women of Quilting Classes, this afternoon. I learned a lot and will post a few pictures of our lovely teacher, Karen McTavish, in a day or two. Tonight, I'm beat but am posting a few pictures of the girls.

I missed them (and husband) so much!

Pearl grew a foot. Evelyn wouldn't eat.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home - I'd love to hear about what you learned.


Stephanie D. said...

Poor Evelyn! My last dog, Libby, was that way. It was several years before she'd consent to eat while I was gone. I always felt so bad.

Pearl has grown so much!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Hope you had fun!


ranette said...

Glad you had fun and can't wait to see pictures!

Poor puppies...I always feel bad to leave mine too.

everythingquilts said...

Can't wait to see and hear about all the fun you had. Sounds like Evelyn missed you as much as you missed them.
P.S. I miss you on the MB!!!