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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Talk

We have been in the grip of winter but it is supposed to heat up in a day or two, surely leaving a sloshy mess. It is going to be quite the mud season with a puppy, this year. Worth it, though.

Pearl makes the cutest little noises when she stretches. Husband and I can't really decide what they sound like - sometimes it is like a groaning old man, other times it sounds like a creaky witch. In any case, while those descriptions are sort of negative, the actual sounds she makes are absolutely adorable.

Many samoyeds are very verbal (Evelyn being somewhat the exception) but Pearl "talks" more than any dog I've ever had. She doesn't hesitate to warble right back at you and is very keyed in to language. She "gets" that when we make sound, we are communicating. A lot of dogs are much more tuned in to body language, instead.

Pearl is swiftly becoming house trained. She is one smart pup and it has been nice to simply open the back door and let her go out. For the first three weeks, we were carrying her down the stairs and walking her on her leash.

She is really sweet natured, notwithstanding how she pesters Evelyn. I just love her paw pads. All our girls have had spotted pads (that have eventually gone to grey) but where the others were pinkish and brown, Pearl's pink is just this side of neon.

I left her unrestrained for the first time, yesterday. I had to go pick up the car from the shop and left her with Evelyn outside for about 40 minutes. They can get into the basement through the dog door so she wasn't left out in the cold. And it WAS cold! I fretted the whole time I was gone.

Pearl is just about to wear out her big sister.

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