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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Evergrowing Stash

I promised my cyber friend, Amy, (oh, just call her a friend - we have a lot in common) that I would post pictures of some of the fabric I bought when I fell off the wagon about a week ago. Now, Amy is one of those stash buster ladies who is trying to cut back. I have not committed to do that but after buying all this fabric, it may be time for me to consider it.

Here are a few pictures (and it isn't all of it).

Now this is some fabric I already have. It is Sand by P & B Textiles and I've tried to get more of it but can't find it, anywhere. I bought it on sale at the Fat Quarter Shop a few months ago. I liked it so much that I went right back to buy more but it is like it disappeared off the face of the planet.

I have been saving it for just the right project. I think I've figured out what I want to do with it. I want to make a black and white paper pieced quilt using this fabric:

The black and white fabric is a complimentary fabric for the 1995 Hoffman Challenge. I saw it at the LQS. I tried to find some online but couldn't find it ANYWHERE - so I went back and bought three yards. I figure this could be my background for the blocks and primarily stick with greys and blacks - with a bright of different colors in each block. I'll use the Sand fabric for the color, primarily.

And for some reason, I bought some Moda grab bags of strips from the end of bolts. I wish I hadn't. I don't much care for jelly rolls, anyway, and these are in colors that don't inspire me.

Oh, I also bought a new chalk marker and a 6.5 inch square. I already had a 6 inch square but I like the extra half inch so that the seam allowance is included. And it is was on sale.

The countdown continues to get Baby Pearl!


Holee said...

On line Virginia Quilter has P&B sand in 14 colors.

Waiting for the first at home photo's of Pearl.

Lisa said...

Ohhh great eye candy...
Where did you buy the scrap bags, I love them for strip quilts


Stephanie D. said...

Looks like someone's hankering for spring!

Linda said...

I'm drooling all over my keyboard. Guess it's time for me to go online and purchase some more fabric as well! Maybe it'll get me out of this slump!!! Two days to Pearl? Yayayaya!!!
Lurking Linda

Anonymous said...

It is very cheery to look at. What kind of chalk pencil??


Penny said...

Janet, it was a blue one from Clover.

Holee, I will check that out - thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love your new fabric. Can't wait to see what you make!

Anonymous said...

Penny, just wanted to wish you lots of fun tomorrow when you pick up Pearl! I keep showing friends the video of her singing, we all get such a kick out of it. Thanks the video. Can't wait to see the new pictures when Pearl gets there.

Fellow Okie,