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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beauty on a Drab Day

So, I was thinking of getting a new ironing board. How do you like this one?

Ark, ark, ark. I crack myself up.

At least I have something somewhat quilt related, today. I have put all that on the shelf with the arrival of Baby Pearl and my fingers and brain are starting to itch. I think I should get back into my sewing room before I start getting cranky.

Earlier, Pearl went missing. I found her checking out my sewing room (upstairs). She saw me coming down the hall, backed up with a guilty look on her face (who knew a puppy could recognize sin?), then raced into her crate.

If you checked in looking for cute, sorry - you'll have to settle for beautiful.

It was a wet, drab day and not conducive for a rank amateur to get stunning shots of a puppy that won't sit still. Evelyn, however, would be beautiful even if I caught her in mid squat...

Pearl is apparently an omnivore. This is not the best picture but I figured some of you would like to see her.

She is really coming along on house training and walking on a leash. Have I mentioned she is a good baby? And Evelyn continues to think she is swell. Now, if I have to duck out for a couple of hours to get to court, I put Pearl in her crate and send Evelyn out back. For the past two days, she has attempted to duck me and go stay by Pearl's crate. Let me just say that I would let her stay indoors with little sister BUT I DON'T TRUST HER!! Evelyn is not above counter surfing and getting into her own trouble if she isn't watched. That beautiful face hides a devious streak.

Husband's home. I think I will go act busy.

Evelyn may come by it naturally. The deviousness, I mean.


Stephanie D. said...

Evelyn is truly gorgeous! And Pearl looks like she is going to be just as beautiful.

And how is Hubby going to handle 3 devious females in the house?

ranette said...

WooHoo...I'm gonna get me one of those ironing boards...lol

Evelyn and Pearl both make me smile. Evelyn is so majestic and Pearl so darn cute!

We've got our daughter's Pom, Shia living with us now. She decided that while she loves him, it's a big responsibility for a college kid (I tried to tell her). He's a fun one to have around and I do enjoy snuggling him, very therapeutic.