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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Watch - 8:30

Unbelievably, people are simply abandoning their cars, en mass, along major highways and walking to metro stations that have filled parking lots. Are they nuts?? They have been showing pictures of this on the local news stations. The cars will be towed and it will probably be several days before the owners can get them back. Can you imagine the difficulty that will cause a lot of people from out of town or who have dependants who need a car? And how will they get home?

Some other people have been simply stopping on major highways (not on the side of the road) and letting passengers out so they can walk to metro stations.


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Anonymous said...

The craziest part is that you'll see more and hear more by staying home and watching endless coverage on tv or on the internet. This is about as close to the crowd as I want to get.

Thanks for the reportage, Penny.