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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jezebel's Quilt Top Finished

I was determined to finish Jezebel's Quilt top, today and got down to the last border when I was struck down by a migraine around noon. I don't get them very often and they aren't nearly as severe as when I was younger but I took to my bed in an effort to head off the worst of the symptoms.

Jezebel used to always know when I was sick and would cuddle up next to me on the bed. I called Evelyn in to lay down with me and she did it, grudgingly. I had to insist that she lay up close to my head and felt a little guilty about it. We don't believe in making a dog do something like that unless they want to. If we wouldn't do it to a child, we don't do it to the dogs. All I can say is that I wasn't thinking straight. After a minute or so, Evelyn decided that she liked being petted and settled in with me for a couple of hours. She wasn't touching me but she was close and seemed to enjoy the attention. Jezebel would have been pressed up against me but I was thrilled that Evelyn would even lay down on the bed for more than two minutes.

After a couple of hours, we got up and I ate something. The migraine was still there so I went on back to bed, alone. Two hours later, after the sun was down, I woke up and discovered that Evelyn had come back to bed and was pressed up against my side. She may turn into a therapy dog, yet!

I got up, drank a coke and then went back to finish the quilt top. I'm pleased with how it is coming along. Here are a few pictures:

Later, Husband was sitting on the bed changing out of his work clothes. Evelyn came bounding it, walked right on him and lay down on my pillow. Jezebel did that sort of thing all the time but this was a first for Evelyn!

I've been playing with my camera and finally getting around to learning some of the functions. I was playing with highlighting yellows and blues. Here are a few of my attempts.

Blue highlighted quilt top:

Yellow highlighted quilt top:

Highlighting the yellow:

Highlighting the blue:

Here is Evelyn by the quilt with yellow highlighted:

Here is Evelyn in front of Jezebel's Quilt top with regular colors:

Here is Evelyn, aka the lizard dog, in her favorite spot on Evelyn's landing:

I think I lost my mind, yesterday. I swung by the quilt shop between cases and the following fabrics called my name:

Seriously, I just had to have them. What was I thinking? For some reason, I've also been using my left hand a lot more (I am right handed and very much so). Maybe I had a stroke and just don't know it.


Anonymous said...

I see a lot of orange in those fabrics - maybe you're attracted to complements, since you just did a lot in blue. If I work on a bright quilt, my next piece will be more subdued...if I work in yellow, the next one will be blue or purple. It's weird.

I'm sorry about the migraine.

Penny said...

Janet, you make an excellent point! I think you may be on to something.

Lisa said...

Glad the migraine went away...

Love the blue and yellow together..
I just love the last fabric...

Pam said...

Hmmm, I think that swirly pattern just gave ME a migraine! :)

Jezebel's quilt is stunning! The setting you chose really pulls the blocks together. Great job.

Linda said...

Hmmmm, could those fabrics simply be representing your excitement over the puppies? So glad your migraine is better--not fun things!
Lurking Linda

Paula said...

Sorry about the migraine. Those fabrics, hmmmmmm...okay paper piecing queen, what masterpiece are you going to create with those? Whatever you come up with, I know we'll all be ooohing and awwing.