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Friday, November 21, 2008

Lazy, Cold Friday

Here's a picture of some of the "circles" I've been working on for my Circles quilt.

Seriously, I am not excited about that quilt.

It's been a slow, lazy day. Actually, a slow, lazy week. I haven't posted pictures, lately, because I've been working on Christmas stuff. Another slow week coming up.

It occurs to me that I absolutely love the look of pure, bright white:

Add in the traditional black and red and you've got such a nice contrast:

Here is some fabric I have been playing with.

Jezebel goes back to the doctor, tomorrow. I have described my worry that "something is going on with her nose." I took her in, last week, and they didn't find anything. I could swear that sometimes I look in her nose and can see something in there. Later, I will look, again (usually with Husband right there) and her nose looks fine. I suspect Husband thinks I need medication.

Today, I made myself look at her nose after ignoring it for several days. Sure enough, it had something in there that was swollen and looked pretty bad. I took a kleenex and wiped at it to see if it was something that would sneeze out if it had any manners. A male friend had suggested that if I really loved her, I would simply "suck it out." What a sicko.

Jezebel fought like a cat. She yelped and the tissue came away with a teeny tiny scab on it. Sure enough, I looked up her nose again (she was so good) and could see a wee bit of blood where the scab came from (hardly any). The "thing" looked smaller. A couple of hours later, I looked again and could see nothing. I am pretty sure it is some sort of abscess or pimple or something. That would explain why if goes up and down. A tumor wouldn't do that. At any rate, she goes back in, tomorrow.

The kids are coming in for Thanksgiving, next week, which has me thrilled to no end. Husband and I finally finished cleaning out Mom's room to make it suitable for company. We'll grocery shop this weekend.

I've also been doing some Christmas shopping so, hopefully, I can wrap a few to send back with the kids rather than mail, later. We also took pictures of the girls and ordered Christmas cards which should arrive in a few days. This time of year of full of little details like that.

The weather has been bitter cold, windy and acting like it is perimenopausal (a common theme in my life, these days). I think a hot flash would be appreciated, frankly. We haven't had any snow but it's been all around us. This feels like the coldest November we've had in at least 8 years (since I came east). I think this winter is going to be a hard one.

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Diana said...

It's been bitter cold and windy here too. Makes one want to curl up in a quilt on the couch!

Please hug the fur kids for me!