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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well Matched

Today was a big day for me, personally. I primarily work in two jurisdictions which keeps me hopping and occasionally results in scheduling conflicts that make me nuts. Today, I gave notice to one of the jurisdictions to not put my name on their court appointed list for 2009. The reason why? Because I am consolidating my practice in preparation for returning home to Oklahoma.

Wow. I can't believe I have started the relocation countdown, for real, in-the-pocketbook, real. Now, realize, that I have to start years in advance because these types of cases tend to go on and on, but just the same, it was exciting.

So I waltzed down to court this morning all ready to handle the juvenile arraignments and discovered they didn't have any scheduled. Great - no kids broke the law? Nope - the Judge are off on a two week conference to Hawaii.

You'd think I'd have known that.

So since I had the morning off, I gathered up the girls and took them for a walk in the nearby park. They were so excited they just about stroked out.

Here they are in the car.

Jezebel's nose is really not showing much improvement but it is not slowing her down one bit.

It is true what they say that only the lead dog gets a change of scenery.

From time to time, we stopped to look around.

By the time we'd mushed for three miles, they were getting a bit thirsty.

The trails in this area are a bit like the ones in southeast Oklahoma, i.e., pretty with trees but also hot and sticky. I don't really like to hike them but proximity counts for quite a bit. The park is roughly 54 square miles of trails and literally 5 minutes from the house IF you get caught by the light. We ended up walking about 4 miles, had a nice time, then I got back to work before lunch.

Now, I need to get busy.

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Stephanie D. said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful subjects!

I just want to know how you managed to take un-blurry pics with those two dragging you around!