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Monday, September 8, 2008


Had a busy day in court, today. I had two delinquency cases this morning. I also made several quick phone calls to parents and a psychologist on the telephone that the prosecutor has stashed in one of the back conference rooms (I know where they hide all their stuff). I had an unusually leisurely break between the morning and afternoon docket talking college football with lawyers who went to Texas Christian and University of Tulsa, followed by four cases this afternoon.

This afternoon was pretty useless. One child didn't show up because he ended up on the side of the road with car trouble. He called. One parent didn't show up (again). She did not call and the court issued a show cause against her. We continued one case for a month because DSS won't let them voluntarily relinquish their parental rights (The agency wants to do it involuntarily per policy - grrrrr). The final case was just continued a few months for a (hopefully) final review.

Husband is out of town. Accordingly, I got out the camera to take pictures of the girls as soon as I got home (when they are really rambunctious) so I could send some to him via the internet. He gets pretty homesick and appreciates pictures of his girls.

Yeah, she looks like she ran into a pencil sharpener but you can see that she is a happy girl. The pigment on her muzzle towards the snout has gone very dark and it makes it look like she has a huge nose.

Look at those hare feet. Is she cute, or what?

I spoke to a couple of my kids (that makes it sound like I have a litter) and their great uncle passed away, last night. He was about ninety-three and a wonderful man - may be rest in peace.

The good news is that husband will be able to get home a day earlier than expected, which means he'll be home tomorrow night. The bad news is that I had less time to work on blocks so I rushed upstairs after work and looked for a simple one. I selected "Montana" from Carol Doak's Fifty Stars book. I have made this block, before. Here she is.

I've used this pattern, before. I posted several blocks that I've made on June 1, 2008. I'm pretty happy with it.


Nancy said...

Block looks great! Girls look happy, could it be because they know Daddy's coming home early?

Penny said...

Well... Actually, I think they looked happy because I was home. They were taken as soon as I let them in the house after work. Husband has been on the road so much, lately, I am hoping he's forgotten to take off his name tag when he walks through the door. :)

ranette said...

Beautiful quilt blocks...love the colors and the "girls" look great!

Shasta said...

All of your blocks look so wonderful. The colors and the piecing are great.