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Friday, August 22, 2008

Take a look at Evelyn - the living teddy bear! She is holding her beloved squirrel.
So this Friday - quilting and paperwork day if I'm lucky. The girls and I are on our own because husband is off on a business trip. That always throws us a bit off but there is always a silver lining. I tend to get a lot more done when I am not distracted by General RedHead.

I am working on borders for the Patriotic quilt. They are nothing to write home about and I am re-discovering that there are a number of pitfalls involved in having striped borders. First of all, even though it would have been super-cool to miter them, I ended up not having enough fabric. Unfortunately, since I'd already launched headlong into the project - and cut my fabric - I curtailed my choices unless I want to pitch all of it and go spend more of my kids' inheritances on additional fabric. I will see what I can do with what I have. I don't want to have a quilt that I sweated blood on the piecing go blah due to a poor border. My initial thought was that a simple border would set off the paper pieced blocks better and I still believe that. I am more concerned about my fabric choices than anything else.

Check out how patient Jezebel is. She is willing to just lay there while I pile strips of fabric across her. I was pressing the fabric from the other side and didn't realize she was there. The files in the background are a clue to what I SHOULD be doing.

I am not exactly sure what is going on with Jezebel. It has been 15 days since her last radiation treatment and for some reason, I thought the side effects would have stopped by now. Instead, for the past few days, her muzzle has been changing colors every few hours. Sometimes it is dark with spots, sometimes light with spots, sometimes there are blotches on one side, then they fade. Her muzzle has periodically gone pink on one side or the other (I thought it was sunburn - now I am not so sure). Here are a couple of pictures of her muzzle - not for the weak stomached but they aren't really too bad.

Jezebel has actually been in great spirits, very playful and sort of bossy. I don't know if she has just figured out that if she acts like a tyrant she'll get petted or she simply needs more pets. Regardless, she has been doing a lot of demanding of attention, and just grins and yips at you if you don't give her what she wants, when she wants it. She wants her family all in the same room and has been much more vocal than usual (which is saying something). She races around the house like there is a snake on her tail but as near as I can tell, she is just having fun.

Evelyn has been a complete sweetheart.

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Nancy said...

Pets are so wonderful, to have the opportunity to watch an animal as up close as we see our pets. I have a cat, Zinnia, that will at times race around or even stalk me. Sometimes she will yowl and run through the house, as though she too "has a snake on her tail." This week she was jumping in and out of an open double hung window. Suddenly, she reached up with her front paws, grabbed the bottom of the top window pane, raised her hind legs to hang there, then started kicking out at the dining room table--What's up with that?! Of course, no camera nearby.
Glad Jezebel is doing well, hope the color changes on her nose is part of the normal healing process.