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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Destruction of a Beautiful Quilt Top

Someone asked me to post more puppy pictures. Well, here you go!

The top picture is Jezebel. The next two are Evelyn. The one where she is laying on her side flashing her spotted tummy was taken at the breeder. She hadn't even come home, yet!

I've made a great deal of progress on longarming the Patriotic Quilt. I completed the blue parts, the borders and the red parts. Now I am working on the neutral parts.

Frankly, I am butchering it! Doesn't this look awful?

I should have used non variegated thread.

I guess you need to learn, sometime. I can already see vast improvement from one end of the quilt to the other. I suspect I will be doing a bunch of thread ripping but there you go.

On to happier subjects (as if you could improve on puppies). Here are the fabrics I set aside to work on the Surf and Sand Challenge:

I find the colors to be very soothing. Do you see the Cattlemen's Steak House coffee cup?

That is what I take my coffee in, every morning. Cattlemen's is a popular/famous steak house in Oklahoma, down at the stockyards. My Grandfather loved to eat there. One of my girls (the vegetarian!) picked it up on a trip back home from Oklahoma City and it always lifts my heart.

Off to take a nap!


Jacquie said...

ask i and shall receive...thanks..they are totally adorable. love that surf and sand fabric too put it pales in comparison to baby pictures.

Stephanie D. said...

I really like that sand and surf fabric, too.

Be sure and post links to any photos your group has so we can go oooh and ahhh over them!