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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Spy

We've been dilligently working to go through things we don't need and I've decided to sell my never-been-used hand quilting stand. Never could get the hang of it. Here is a picture:

Hey, wait. What is that in the circle?

Yeah, take a look at THAT!

I thought that was a little creepy when I looked at the picture until I realized what I was looking at.

Is this really, not the cutest puppy on god's green earth?????

Take a look at Jezebel.

She is getting back her white muzzle!


Stephanie D. said...

That Evelyn is a hoot! I would love to see Tandi play with your girls--it would be so entertaining!

Jacquie said...

i have a hand quilting frame too, but it doesn't look as complicated as yours. hubby got it for me many years ago...i have that lovely rail fence draped on it which was 1/2 quilted back in the 90's. keeps the frame from gathering too much dust! (looked a bit like a ghost peering from inside your frame...whooooooooo!)